We bring cellular coverage inside buildings.

Through our wireless carrier-approved program, we deliver high performing in-building cellular solutions that match what the carriers deploy themselves. Our unique agreements with the wireless carriers, their OEMs (Ericsson and Nokia), and our delivery partners unlock a streamlined and unrivaled program.

The Diamond Advantage
We made substantial investments to develop a unique ecosystem that focuses on 4 key areas to bring connectivity inside buildings where it is needed the most :



  1. Signal Source Agreements
    • Agreements with wireless carriers to bring their signal into buildings
  2. Radio Frequency (RF) equipment
    • Agreements with Nokia and Ericsson to supply the same RF base station and radio equipment that the carriers use themselves
  3. Real Estate
    • Unique capital contribution model that allows building owners and enterprises to invest in a fully functional LTE system
    • Our DMS real estate tool contains thousands of properties nationwide whose owners recognize that better cellular service is imperative to create and retain value.
  4. Partners
    • Highly developed partner network for designing, deploying and servicing fully functional in-building systems