With a century of experience behind them, our leaders are focused on what’s next

At Cheytec, our leadership team is knowledgeable, experienced and superbly qualified. All of our top executives have handled the challenges and successes that are part of exceptional careers in their areas of expertise. Drawn from the nation’s top real estate, tech, and financial firms, these are the decision-makers with the skills and expertise to lead the way to a new era in wireless coverage. And thanks to the vision and expertise shared by our leadership, we are constantly pushing forward, looking toward an even brighter, more-connected future.

Jim Spinella

Founder and Chairman

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Jarrett Bluth

Founder and CEO

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Jason Halper

Senior VP and General Counsel

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Michael B. Wright

Head of Sales

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Patrick Browne

EVP Technology & Operations

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José Sangiuliano

Chief Technology Officer

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Ed Myers

Regional Vice President – Sales & Marketing

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Gregg Tully

Vice President of Finance

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Sandra Bullock

Director of Marketing

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Bijal Patel

Director of IT

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Rosemary Cerreta

Financial Controller

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Jamie Caracappa

Director of Operations

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Jayanthi Ramanathan

Senior Application Architect

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