Inside Towers article at NEDAS featuring Cheytec, Verizon and SQUAN

Please click here to read Inside Towers’ deep dive into Cheytec’s Accelerate program following the panel at NEDAS NYC 2018 discussing Enabling Carrier Connectivity in Enterprise-Funded Buildings with Keith Pennachio from SQUAN, Bryan Goldberg from Verizon, Jodd Readick from User Centric Communications and Steve Yapsuga from Comba

How digital connectivity can increase rents for Class B properties owners

After examining rents in 350 office buildings in Manhattan, Class B commercial buildings with digital connectivity certifications from WiredScore were able to demand nearly 7% higher rents compared to their peers. Depending on the building’s certification level rents increased at an average of $59 to $72 per square foot and Class B properties which received …