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Cheytec makes the next-generation of wireless easy. By working directly with landlords, building owners, management companies, and the operators we pre-qualify buildings, identifying usable and attractive real estate. We then offer those properties to operators and service providers for small cell, DAS, and In-Building systems. Once the locations are validated, owners may enter into a lease agreement with Cheytec. That agreement allows access to the necessary space for system installation and function….The process is simple.

The Cheytec lease is non-exclusive; it does not limit other wireless services in the building, including tenant Wi-Fi, safety, or other telemetry systems.

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How we choose the facilities where small cells, DAS, and/or dedicated In-Building systems may be the right solution.

  • We identify areas of low network coverage using a coverage and capacity heat map, which indicates signal strength––the most-basic measure that affects the quality of the operator’s network in a given location, venue, or building.
  • We choose buildings within the low coverage zones as possible candidates for system deployment.

Why you should pre-qualify. Now.

By participating in the Cheytec real estate program, property owners can accelerate the process that leads to receiving system deployments and increased 4G and future next generation LTE coverage. Buildings that are pre-prequalified receive priority status as Cheytec works directly with the wireless operator’s site selection and budgeting processes.