The only wireless solution provider that designs, deploys and operates in-building cellular networks using the same small cell technology the wireless carriers deploy.


We offer a complete in-building wireless solution


We provide in-building solution flexibility




Think Outside In.

Cheytec Telecommunications (Cheytec) is an Authorized Reseller of Ericsson wireless equipment. We deploy and operate wireless telecommunication systems, including distributed antenna systems (DAS), small cell, and C-RAN solutions, to deliver optimal wireless coverage inside office buildings, hotels, campuses, sporting venues, and high-traffic areas.  Cheytec also provides real estate and lease management services for wireless operators, and offers infrastructure leasing options. Click to see our Overview Video

We think ‘Outside In’ by offering indoor wireless connectivity solutions with levels of cellular service usually only available outside the building. We work with all the stakeholders – from the building owners and technology personnel to the service providers – to find the best solution for the property, the wireless operator, and the end user. We are the one source for total coverage. Click to see our In-Building Business Model Video




Data everywhere. All the time.

Mobile data usage is growing at a staggering rate. Consumers are constantly on their smartphones, watching videos, uploading pictures, searching the internet, reading news articles, listening to music, making phone calls and texting. Networks and capacity have to both expand and densify to meet demand.




Solve every issue. With flexible powerful solutions from Cheytec.

Cheytec offers bold yet simple solutions to wireless operators. It addresses the growing need for:

  • Real estate leasing, design, installation, and operation of systems in office buildings and other commercial properties
  • Flexible capital and funding to finance the required network build-out and improvements
  • World-class technology to future-build networks
  • The ability to purchase network hardware directly from Ericsson

Click to download our NH D-RAN datasheet




We will set up a system for everything.

Cheytec leases real estate, designs, and installs state-of-the-art next generation DAS and LTE wireless communications system on or in your facility (or facilities).

To get started, simply provide us with a list of potential locations here




Always thinking “Outside In”.

At Cheytec, we put you first to plan a system that gives your property improved wireless coverage. We can market your facility to operators as a potential in-building capacity site, or we can research, lease and license your properties for future DAS, small cell, or dedicated in-building system deployment.

We deliver every aspect from design through to activation of the system by the wireless operators plus the ongoing management and operation of the system as well as being able to purchase network hardware directly from Ericsson.

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In real estate, we know people. Nationwide.

From large public venues to the middleprise (100,000 square feet to 500,000 square feet) sites, from hospitality to healthcare, from multi-family to raw land, our portfolio of developable space is ever-expanding. Talk with us about your needs and goals, we’ll find the space and place that is right for you. Click here to see a map of all the sites in our Real Estate Portfolio




See the great coverage we are getting, every day.

Even as we expand wireless coverage and opportunities for our customers, Cheytec is leading the evolving small cell, DAS, and in-building wireless industry. Here are some of the latest examples of how we’re thinking outside in.


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