What makes our in-building solutions unique is that we can deliver what no one else can…..
Optimal cellular coverage in your building using the same equipment and systems that the carriers use themselves.
For the first time, this equipment is available through our Accelerate program.


Cheytec in-building solutions
Diamond in-building solutions





  • We have agreements with the wireless carriers to connect their signal source to in-building systems and provide maintenance and monitoring
  • Each system is approved, configured and installed to meet each wireless carrier’s precise standards.






  • Our commercial agreements with both Ericsson and Nokia enable us to purchase the baseband and radio equipment necessary to connect to the wireless carrier’s network – – the same equipment the wireless carriers use themselves
  • Diamond provides equipment licenses for the RF equipment needed to drive DAS, small cell and neutral host D-RAN systems. This allows the building owner to license the RF hardware that was previously only available to the wireless carriers
  • Diamond retains title to the equipment, licenses its use and uses the agreements with the wireless carriers for the wireless carrier to activate and operate the system and connect it to their network. This ensures the building owner has the the same level of maintenance and support as if the wireless carrier owned the system

Note: This is not a repeater system or a signal booster system which have significant performance limitations and are often not coordinated with the wireless carriers. Our systems are wireless carrier-approved, OEM authorized, high performance systems that use the same equipment, methods and standards the wireless carriers use themselves.





  • Diamond links building owners/enterprises looking to make capital investments for cellular coverage to the wireless carriers looking to efficiently densify their networks.
  • We developed a real estate tool (EDISON) for the wireless carriers to use within their network planning teams. Over 5000 properties have already signed up. To include your properties in our portfolio please click here
  • We work with our real estate partners to define an ROI strategy that supports their capital investments for cellular coverage. See our ROI tool





  • We work with our partners to plan, design and deploy in-building systems approved for all types of buildings including offices, residential, hotels, campuses, sporting venues, and shared outdoor spaces.
  • Our agreements to license in-building Radio Frequency (RF) equipment accelerate the deployment of in-building systems and ensure that they function on Day 1
  • To find out more or join our partner program, click here