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We are an authorized OEM Partner with access to the latest certified small cell and in-building wireless products and design standards allowing Cheytec to promote Pico, C-RAN, Small Cell and other emerging in-building and Small Cell technologies.

We have the right solution for any building.

Not all small cells are alike.  Some work better than others in certain buildings – it all depends on the facility’s size and parameters.  Cheytec customizes and delivers the right LTE solution using products from the entire catalogs of our OEM partners.

Cheytec purchases and installs equipment and communications systems provided through strategic partnerships with top companies, including Ericsson and Nokia. Our real estate and finance solutions, combined with our partners’ equipment and support, create a powerful combination of in-building services on which property owners and wireless operators can rely, including:

  • Complete end-to-end integrated small cells
  • Planning, deployment and optimization
  • Integrated small-cells-as-a-service managed offerings

Cheytec is an authorized distributor of Ericsson wireless equipment. for distribution into the Wireless Operator networks.

Our distribution program provides customers:

  • The ability to order, inventory, and install Ericsson equipment when and where it is needed
  • Just-in-time inventory management for jobs of all sizes
  • Ultimate savings for the Wireless Operators as the procurement, logistics, and carry cost of the Ericsson equipment is not incurred
  • A shorter time-to-market allowing the flexibility to account for the Ericsson hardware as part of a single capital project
  • Hardware and services financing options from Cheytec for service providers, building owners, and Wireless Operators.

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Small cells. The compact but powerful alternatives to radio towers.

At the heart of Cheytec’s systems are cells that expand coverage through a distributed network of inconspicuous nodes. These small cells are changing the way wireless works, and the way networks expand.

Cheytec will install each node in your facilities with minimal disruption of your day-to-day operation. Once installed, the nodes expand capacity and coverage dramatically while providing a lightning fast, unrivaled wireless experience.

We have the right solution for any job. Any building.

Not all small cells are alike. Some work better than others in certain buildings––it all depends on the facility’s size and parameters. Cheytec makes it easy; we tailor the small cell technology to your environment.

Small cells at a glance.

  • Will not interfere with existing Wi-Fi or wireless networks
  • Consume minimal energy (the same as two 65-watt light bulbs)
  • Extremely low footprint and profile

Picocells, such as the Ericsson RBS 6402, provide the multi-standard indoor Pico base station, enabling a fast and trouble-free small cell experience in a wide range of small and medium sized buildings that traditionally have been underserved by DAS (Distributed Antenna System) technology. Picocells are ideal in single office environments, enterprise campuses, multi-tenant residential, and mixed-use facilities.

Small cells, such as the Ericsson Radio Dot System and the RBS 6501, remove indoor bottlenecks by providing coverage for different types of users in medium-to-large indoor locations. These small footprint systems use innovative antenna elements, common low voltage cabling, and the latest in base band technology. The result; a high performance mobile broadband experience at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional systems.

A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is ideal for large venues, including stadiums, transit hubs, airports and large shopping malls. Cheytec and Ericsson are well prepared to take on the complex system integration tasks DAS projects require. With more than 40 years of experience, Ericsson has successfully deployed some of the largest and most complex DAS projects in the industry, and Cheytec can add the financial flexibility needed to address the growing demands for these systems.

Small cells at work, two examples. In-building c-ran

  • Best-suited for medium-size to large-size buildings or a network of several buildings that are near one another
  • Connectivity is through a single base station
  • Fiber connects the radio base station to the radio remote units on each floor, which transfer the signal via coaxial cable to antennas

Radio dot deployment

  • Serves small and midsize buildings
  • Very easy to install, minimally disruptive